WardWatch ® is your brand’s guard dog. One that never sleeps and always offers help to you in times of need!”

Ward Trade Marks, one of the UK’s few specialist trade mark attorneys, has launched a new and innovative service. It alerts and advises clients when competitors try to register trade marks similar to their own.

WardWatch ®keeps an eye on your IP

WardWatch ® uses specialist software to monitor both word and logo trade mark registers in the UK, European Union (EU) and beyond. For word marks the service reports on newly published identical and phonetically identical marks across all sector categories of relevance to a client company. For logo marks, it reports on newly published visually similar marks, again across all sector categories of relevance to a client company.

Once an alert has been received, the WardWatch® service includes the Ward Trade Marks team informing the client with relevant, suitable advice and a recommendation as to whether the offending application should be contested.

According to Rachael Ward, “WardWatch ® is an enhanced version of what we’ve offered in the past to clients as part of our efforts to protect their intellectual property from competitor action.

“Many businesses do not realise that registered trade marks are not self-policing. Owning a registered trade mark does not prevent others from trying to register the same or a similar trade mark.

“The onus is on the owner, with the help of their specialist adviser, maintaining and where necessary enforcing trade mark rights.”

Ward Trade Marks is offering this integrated service. It combines sophisticated alerts and advice at a fixed annual fee (dependent on the number of classes covered) for the basic service covering the UK and EU. Ward Trade Marks can offer the service to include other countries for an additional fee.

“We are so confident of its value in protecting our clients that if a client wishes to contest a competitor registering an identical mark to theirs that we will subsequently deduct the year’s WardWatch ® fee from the cost of this action” added Rachael.

Notes to Editors

Ward Trade Marks represents dozens of companies of all sizes and across many sectors, including property, animation, soft drinks and leisure.