Ward Trade Marks, one of the UK’s leading specialist trade mark attorneys, has been named the New Exporter of the Year in the recent Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce 2017 Global Awards. The company, with offices in both Cambridge and Suffolk, scooped this prestigious recognition having successfully registered and protected nearly 140 UK trade marks in 12 overseas markets, including the European Union and the US, over the last two years alone.

According to director Bill Ward “Ward Trade Marks combines experience and innovation in how we underwrite the success of UK exporters by ensuring that their trade marks are properly registered in each market they operate within and thereafter protected from use by their competitors.

“Both by directly representing our clients at the EU Intellectual Property Office where we have advocacy rights and working with trusted partners in other national jurisdictions, I’m really pleased that we have taken away the worry and expense for many British exporters as they launch products and services into new markets.”

Trade marks comprise logos, strap lines, sounds, words and other visual ways of representing a brand. They are a key part of a company’s identity, a symbol of their relationship with customers and a key asset on their balance sheets.

Ward Trade Marks was founded in 2014 and is built around Rachael Ward’s 20-plus years of frontline trade mark legal work and advice and Bill Ward’s three decades of senior executive and managerial experience.

Unlike most law firms which include trade marks as a part of a much bigger intellectual property (IP) offer, Ward Trade Marks is 100% focussed on the increasingly important and complex trade mark sector.

Rachael Ward added “overseas trade mark work accounts for about a third of our turnover and it is certainly an area of the market that requires specialist and totally up-to-date knowledge to get it right.

“As a growing company, this lovely award means so much to us, as we further build our resources in supporting companies of all sizes and across all sectors ensure that they – and not their competition – truly own their trade marks and hence a vital part of their reputation.”

“We’d like to thank our clients, staff and Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce for all their support over the last three years.”

Ward Trade Marks has pioneered the highest quality of service to its clients through its innovative ‘Ward Way’ combination of consultation, registration and protection services. It has recently launched a new service called WardWatch® which uses specialist software to monitor both word and logo trade mark registers in the UK, European Union (EU) and beyond.

Ward Trade Marks is offering this integrated service, combining sophisticated alerts and advice at a fixed annual fee (dependent on the number of classes covered) for the basic service covering the UK and EU. Ward Trade Marks can offer the service to include other countries for an additional fee.

“We are so confident of its value in protecting our clients that if a client wishes to contest a competitor registering and identical mark to theirs that we will subsequently deduct the year’s WardWatch® fee from the cost of this action” added Rachael.

Bill and Rachael Ward received their award from Ann-Marie Martin, chief executive of the Council for British Chambers of Commerce in Europe.

Notes to Editors

Picture of Bill and Rachael Ward receiving the New Exporter of the Year award.

L2R: Ann-Marie Martin, chief executive of the Council for British Chambers of Commerce in Europe, Rachael Ward, John Bridge, chief executive of Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce, Bill Ward.

Ward Trade Marks represents dozens of companies of all sizes and across many sectors, including property, animation, soft drinks and leisure.

For further information about Ward Trade Marks, please email Bill Ward: bill@wardtrademarks.com, or call Bill Ward on 01284 619000.

Ward Trade Marks  Limited is a Bury St Edmunds based specialist trade mark attorney firm.