Norfolk Chamber of Commerce

Ward Trade Marks, one of the East Anglia’s leading trade mark attorneys is proud to announce that it has joined Norfolk Chamber of Commerce.

Built on founder Rachael Ward’s quarter century of trade mark expertise, since 2014 Ward Trade Marks has established itself as a market-leading specialist law firm among both major corporates and small and medium sized enterprises, based in both UK and overseas.

The company was jointly founded by Rachael and her husband Bill, who has decades of senior executive experience – including in the highly competitive airline market.

Ward Trade Marks represents dozens of businesses across many sectors, including property, animation, soft drinks and leisure.

Trade marks comprise logos, strap lines, words and other visual ways of representing a brand. They are a key part of a company’s identity, a symbol of their relationship with customers and a key asset on their balance sheets.

Failure to register trade marks correctly in different countries may mean they can be used by competitor companies.

Rachael explained that “Ward Trade Marks is centred both on our expertise – we are one of only a tiny handful of specialist trade mark attorneys – and our values. These values have been shaped by both our beliefs that hardworking company owners deserve a return for their risk-taking and that could be endangered by competitors ‘owning’ your trade marks and picking up business that is rightfully yours.”

To provide this service, Ward Trade Marks has expanded and now employs five staff. We operate across every time zone and will meet all reasonable deadlines to protect your brand and ensure that your trade marks are registered and protected.

In addition to our UK and international trade mark registration service, we also ensure that our clients’ brand is protected by monitoring and reviewing efforts by other companies to acquire this part of your intellectual property portfolio.

Client comment:

TukTuk Creative Marketing brings together some of the best copywriters, photographers, developers and marketing brains to offer clients a full creative service.

Vicky Stanaway for TukTuk Creative Marketing explained why they opted for Ward Trade Marks:

“I love our company name, and it brings to life what I wanted to do when I started the company – taking brands on an inspiring journey, and what better way than on a TukTuk. To lose the name now or in the future would be crushing.

Bill and Rachael have been amazing from the start, and I whole heartily trust them to set up the Trademark and follow up with any issues that occur along the way.”

Bill explained the company’s reasons for joining Norfolk Chamber of Commerce: “as a specialist but growing trade mark practice with a strong presence in East Anglia and with both a local and an international client base and credentials, joining this Chamber was a logical and necessary next step.

“In becoming members of Norfolk Chamber, Ward Trade Marks can access the organisation’s great networking events and be part of its high-profiled lobbying campaigns.”

We are Ward. We are a brand emergency and protection service.

For further information about Ward Trade Marks, please email Bill Ward:, or call Bill Ward on 01284 774841.