A 100% registration rate is something many trade mark attorneys would like to claim. Well, Ward Trade Marks, one of the UK’s leading trade mark attorneys with offices in both Cambridge and Suffolk, has confirmed a 100% success rate in the first or “examination” stage in registering client trade marks in the UK and EU over the last 12 months.

The company, which has over 150 UK and non-UK clients, ensures that their trade marks are correctly registered as being legally theirs in all areas in which those clients trade.

Rachael Ward, director of Ward Trade Marks, explained that “during the registration process, the first stage involves the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) examiner looking at the application and making a judgement on it based on its inherent registrability.”

Where examination decisions have not gone in the client’s favour, we have successfully overcome them either by submitting a written argument or attending a hearing with a senior examiner.

“Because of our focus on detail, we are pleased that all of these applications have been successful and we can continue with the registration process for our clients” added Rachael.

Trade marks comprise logos, straplines, words and other visual ways of representing a brand. They are a vital part of a company’s identity, a symbol of their relationship with customers and a key asset on their balance sheets.
Registering a trade mark with the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) can be a fraught and time-consuming process. Ward Trade Marks’ approach is, therefore, to do everything needed to get it right the first time – including attending hearings to argue for our clients’ case.

Rachael added “to achieve a 100% registration rate over such a long period is the gold standard for the trade mark profession. I’m delighted Ward Trade Marks has achieved this as it is the result of our Ward Way of working – totally focussed on our clients’ needs and the detail in applying intellectual property law.

“For example, during the application process, we constantly communicate with our clients to keep them informed and in control. Once registered, we work with our clients to provide an effective and robust defence to those attacking their rights.”

Rachael believes that the company’s success is also due to its full-service offering, which in addition to the registration of trade marks includes intensive research and consultation with clients and WardWatch® – a protection service aimed at repelling challenges and infringements to a registered trade marks.

“The failure to properly register a company’s trade marks can have a devastating impact on a business’s profitability and survival. We create value for our customers and give them a head start over their competitors, by ensuring that their trade mark rights are properly understood, registered and protected.”

Notes to Editors

For further information about Ward Trade Marks, please email Bill Ward: bill@wardtrademarks.com, or call Bill Ward on 01284 774841.