Does specialist trade mark advice exist outside the M25?

That might sound like a strange question, but one that many people subconsciously wonder.

Greater London is a well-known business hub. Large companies and corporations flood there in their thousands vying for the postcode that gives them the most kudos.

The problem is, with that postcode comes a hefty price tag. Overheads are eye-wateringly high in the City, which leads to high consultancy fees. All of which means higher costs for you, which in turn you must pass on to your clients.

It’s a never-ending vicious cycle of spiralling costs.

What’s the answer? – Widening your scope to look beyond the M25.

Provincial doesn’t mean poor

The issue of cost is a significant factor for many smaller attorney firms which means that they locate outside of London.

Does that mean they are less efficient or less experienced?

Absolutely not. Smaller firms are more efficient because they are more agile businesses, unlike the lumbering monoliths that have made London their home.

The trade mark attorneys in these smaller concerns are also likely to be more experienced because they deal with all aspects of trade mark law, rather than specialising in a specific area.

Also, the businesses tend to be more flexible, able to meet your demands quickly, and without the bureaucracy that’s associated with big firms.

You can also build stronger personal relationships with provincial firms because their people tend to stay in position longer. Also, there are a higher number of owner-attorney firms, which means you get to deal with the head honcho rather than a trainee or inexperienced junior.

The bottom line to trade mark advice outside the M25

All the benefits we’ve mentioned so far – greater agility, responsiveness, expertise – are surpassed by one huge advantage. All this comes at a vastly reduced cost.

With lower overheads than City firms, trade mark attorneys outside the M25 offer professional advice at a much lower cost. Not because they aren’t as accomplished, but rather because their overheads are much lower.

Think of it this way, by using a local firm you’ll get Waitrose level advice for an Aldi price.

  • The same (if not better) quality advice
  • Responsive service
  • Continuity throughout your relationship

Those three (plus cost savings) deliver a cost-efficient way of protecting your brand, and the ability to sustain that protection for as long as is required.

Smaller companies may not have the flashy websites, glossy brochures, or palatial offices of the City firms, but they have bucket loads of experience, expertise, and knowledge.

The moral of this article

The moral of this article is not to be taken in by the glossy exterior of large, well-known firms. Cast your net wider and take a look at what smaller firms are offering.

Building a relationship with a smaller concern will reward you with a cost-effective personal service that delivers on your needs. What more could you ask for?

Remember, trade mark attorneys are not limited to working within the M25.

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