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The ward process





The Ward Process is primarily about listening to you. We ask you many questions about your business and what your business objectives are. That way we can fully understand what needs protecting. Once we have all the relevant details we recommend to you a strategy to protect your trade marks. We are always guided by your priorities and your budget. We help you shape these so when you are ready we draw up bespoke filing specifications, ready to start the application process.





A trade mark application is not a 'rubber stamp' process where you pay your fee and receive your registration certificate shortly afterwards. The application is carefully examined to ensure that it is acceptable as a trade mark. Examination objections are common and there may also be other registered trade marks that are similar to yours 'flagged' in the official search. When all of these issues are addressed the examiner is will 'advertise' your application for two months, giving others the opportunity to oppose it. We use our experience and expertise to navigate these complex procedures, overcome legal problems, and resolve any other objections along the way to getting your trade mark registered.





Registering your trade mark isn’t the end of the road. Your brand can be infringed upon either deliberately or accidentally and these encroachments must be opposed in order to preserve the value of your hard won trade mark rights. We handle this for you, monitoring new applications and defending your trade mark where needed. We also review your position annually to ensure that your registered trade marks properly cover your current business activities.

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