Bill’s Bullets

Protecting your trade marks is essential. Here are my five top tips for keeping your IP and business protected.

Use a specialist trade mark attorney

A specialist trade mark attorney will properly register your trade mark to give you exclusive rights in the territories within which it is registered. Many business owners believe that their registered company name and domain names are sufficient forms of protection. They are not.

Professional search

Proper searches are essential before you register your mark. A professionally conducted search of the trade mark registers is essential prior to putting a new trade mark name into use. A Google search is not enough!

Strength of trade mark

Think about investing in a ‘strong’ rather than a ‘weak’ trade mark. A ‘weak’ mark tends to be a descriptive business or product name (eg ‘Premier Cleaning Services’). On the face of it, you have less work explaining what you actually do. But you run the risk if it is too generic that it might be difficult to enforce the registration if others decide to copy it.

Correctly register your mark

A strong and correctly registered trade mark will help you take on the counterfeiters. The first thing HMRC or Trading Standards will ask a company facing this problem is proof of their trade mark registration.

At the same time, online sales platforms such as eBay and Amazon will also directly intervene on your behalf if you can prove the rights to your intellectual property through your trade mark registration certificate.

Be vigilant

Finally, when it comes to protecting your trade marks, it pays to be vigilant. Ensure your trade mark attorney is constantly scanning for new registrations that might be very close – or identical – to your trade marks. It is far easier to oppose new applications than try to make good the situation years later.

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