How To Register A Trade Mark UK

How To Register a Trademark UKEverything you need to know to file your own trade mark application.

  • Do you need to know how to register a trade mark to protect your business name, logo, or even your product or service names?
  • Would you rather apply for the trade mark yourself rather than spending money you don’t have on trade mark attorney fees?
  • Are you unsure or wary about what is involved in a trade mark application and how to tackle it?
  • Would you like to have a highly experienced trade mark professional at your side as you navigate the application process?
  • Are you in the very early stages of setting up your business which has yet to earn any money?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are in the right place. Why?

Because you are part of a very large peer group of UK business owners that prefer to file their own trade marks and we have for you a comprehensive DIY ‘how to’ guide that leads you by the hand through the process.

Rachael Ward

Rachael Ward, Founder of Ward Trade Marks

But firstly, who are we?

Ward Trade Marks is a full service firm of chartered trade mark attorneys. We help business owners to register, protect and enforce their valuable trade marks. Our practice concentrates almost entirely on trade mark law and related intellectual property. Our trade mark attorneys are time served practitioners that have been in the industry for many years. We look after a portfolio of more than 700 trade marks for our clients, having filed hundreds of trade marks in the UK and the EU on behalf or our clients.

Why did we write the guide?

We recognise that many people, for whatever reason, prefer not to hire us or another firm to do this work for them, choosing to do the job themselves, essentially to save money.

Indeed, the demand to self-file in the UK is very strong. Self-filed trade marks used to represent about 48% of all trade marks filed in the UK, but this proportion has risen to nearly 70% during the Covid-19 era.

Here at Ward Trade Marks we get many enquiries each week from new business owners looking for help on how to register their trade mark. Normally we have to turn away these enquiries because we do not have the resources to operate a helpline whilst we are providing our full service to paying clients.

Despite there being such a strong demand to file one’s own trade mark, we know that it is still a daunting prospect for many people. It is easy to get stuck or confused as to what is required during an application, because – let’s face it – filing a trade mark is inherently quite complicated.

It is also a procedure that you have to get right first time because there are a great many mistakes that you cannot amend or fix after you submit your application. So we decided to produce a guide to help you. This means that you can benefit from our inside knowledge of how it all works.

  • Are there other guides like this out there?

Yes but very few, if any, have been written by a highly experienced trade mark attorney that knows the system inside out. This one is.

  • Why would we write a guide if we also provide a full ‘done for you’ service?

There are two clearly defined markets:-

i) The cash rich and time poor

The owners of most established or fast growing businesses are simply too busy to take time out to work out how to file their trade mark. It is worth their while for a professional to do it for them. They are cash rich and time poor.

ii) The cash poor and time rich

The owners of very new businesses prefer to save money and do everything themselves, at least in the beginning. If you are in this category then this guide is for you.

What does the Guide cost?

The DIY trade mark application guide costs just £49.
However the first 100 copies will be sold at just £29, all we ask is that you provide us some constructive feedback about the guide.

How To Register a Trademark UKWhat will the guide do for you?

  • The purpose of the guide is to give you the confidence of a guiding hand to walk you through the application.
  • But it’s more than that, the guide is a comprehensive resource that fully prepares you to apply for your trade mark, before you even open up the electronic application form at the website.
  • Before you start the application, part 1 of the guide will address questions such as:-
    • Why do I need to register my trade mark?
    • I have a company name registration, so why do I need a trade mark?
    • I have a domain name registration, so why do I need a trade mark?
    • How long does it take to register a trade mark?
    • Why does it take so long to register a trade mark?
    • What is the process of trade mark registration?
    • What does it cost to file a UK trade mark application?
    • Does my trade mark cover only the UK?
    • Can I obtain a global trade mark?
    • What can I register as a trade mark?
    • How can a common generic word be registrable as a trade mark?
    • Is it better to register my trade mark as a word or as a logo which includes a word?
    • How do I choose a trade mark which will be registrable?
    • How do I know if someone has already registered my trade mark?
    • Can I search Google® to see if anyone else is using a mark I am interested in?
    • Do I need to incorporate a company at Companies House to file a trade mark application?
    • I’m intending to incorporate a company soon. Can I file the application now, in the name of the (intended) company?
  • Part 2 of the guide deals with the application itself. Here is a selection of what is addressed:-
    • Part 2 follows the exact sequence of the online form and gives you all the help you need to ensure that you get your application as good as it can be.
    • Helping you select the correct ownership details for the trade mark. It is surprisingly easy to mess up this bit.
    • All the major pitfalls are addressed such as dealing with choosing the right type of trade mark e.g word, logo or a combination of both.
    • How to deal with colour or black and white.
    • How to deal with series trade marks.
    • How to select the right kind and size of logo file.
    • How to select the correct classes and the optimum choice of goods and services to go in your chosen classes.
    • Various legalities are explained, such as the declaration of intent to use.
  • Part 3 of the guide provides a very useful glossary of terms.

The guide is simple to download and comes in PDF form.

What does the Guide cost?

The DIY trade mark application guide costs just £49.
However the first 100 copies will be sold at just £29, all we ask is that you provide us some constructive feedback about the guide.


  • If I don’t like the guide can I have my money back?

Yes, the guide has a no quibble 14 day money back guarantee. Simply email within 14 days of the transaction and we will refund your money.

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