From the many conversations that we have with trade mark owners and prospective trade mark owners, many do not know what the Amazon® Brand Registry is, or its advantages. This article gives you a brief overview of what it is and why it matters if you sell products on Amazon’s platform.

Is this relevant to me?

If you sell, or intend to sell products on Amazon’s platform then yes, it is relevant.

What is the Amazon® Brand Registry (ABR)?

The Amazon® Brand Registry is a system whereby Amazon allows you to ‘enrol’ yourself as a brand owner.

Be careful not to confuse the process of registering/enrolling yourself on the ABR, with the separate process of gaining registered trade mark rights at your local Intellectual Property Office. Amazon cannot grant you any IP rights.

Benefits of using the Amazon® Brand Registry

  • The ABR gives you, as a brand owner, more control over your product pages where you use your brand name. This helps your customers to better recognise you and lessens the chance of confusion with another seller.
  • The ABR has powerful search tools that you may use to look for and report potentially infringing content.
  • The process of dealing with trade mark infringement is much simpler. For example if you find potential infringement, the ABR gives you easy workflows to submit a report, which Amazon® will review and take action on if appropriate.
  • Amazon does not allow listings of products that infringe your intellectual property rights.
  • Note: whilst you can report alleged infringements of your rights such as copyright, trade marks and patents even if you are not registered on the ABR, the process may take longer and it may be harder for you to find out about potential infringement in the first place.

Amazon® Brand Registry Eligibility Requirements

  • You must have a registered trade mark in the country/ countries where you are selling/ wish to enrol. So for example a UK trade mark will not be sufficient to deal with infringers in the USA. You will also need a US registered trade mark.
  • The registered trade mark must be in word form or a logo.
  • Amazon only accepts registered trade marks from certain countries (see here to check The USA, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, India and Japan are amongst those on the list at this time.
  • The trade mark in question must match the brand name that you submit in the application to enrol, and you must be the trade mark owner to enrol.
  • Once you have enrolled, your trade mark attorney/ representative may also be added as an additional user so that they can help you to monitor what is going on.


If you sell products on Amazon, it is clearly in your best interests to enrol in the scheme.

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