Welsh trade marks and brands should be celebrated. Written on St David’s day, here’s our tribute to three of the best.

Happy St David’s Day to Welsh trade marks!

Today as the first of March is the day when us Taffies will be tucking into Cawl, the national dish of Wales, proudly wearing our daffodil or leek, and for those of us far from home, no doubt feeling a certain hiraeth.

Now my home country is responsible for many accomplished figures, including Michael Sheen, Ioan Gruffudd and Christian Bale, and of course, no list of Welsh celebs would be complete without a mention of the legendary Tom Jones. But Wales is also home to many cool brands, and I thought it’d be interesting to take a look at a few of them, their Welsh trade marks, and how they are protected.


What’s so good about these jeans? As with all good brands, they have a story behind them. The production of the jeans helped to breathe life into Cardigan again, by creating much-needed jobs in the local industry.

What’s more, the jeans are amazing, beautifully crafted by hand. Hiut makes only 100 pairs a week, but say that they make “the best jeans we can, not the most jeans we can”. They have a singular focus, which we admire and apply here at Ward Trade Marks.

Hiut has protected their house mark to cover their goods of interest, having registered a Community Trade Mark for HIUT to cover clothing.


Allegedly one of the fastest footballers in the world, Gareth Bale now plays for Real Madrid and the Welsh national team.

Personal names are registrable as trade marks, and merchandising opportunities can be lucrative. Gareth Bale registered not only his name as a Community Trade Mark in several classes to cover jewellery, bags, clothing, entertainment and coaching, but also ELEVEN OF HEARTS, to reflect his number while playing for Spurs.

The famous footballer also applied to register the following logo as a UK national trade mark, representative of the gesture he made on scoring a goal, along with his number 11:


The story behind this Welsh trade mark was that this was a message to his childhood sweetheart.

The mark was accepted for registration, although has since been surrendered.


West Wales based fashion brand HOWIES makes organic, recycled and low impact active clothing, and operate from Cardigan as an independent company.

Howies has a strong identity with skateboarders, surfers and mountain bikers. Their sportswear is eco-friendly and they aim for ethically correct practices.

The company have full registered trade mark protection, with the UK and Community Trade Mark registration for HOWIES covering bags, clothing and retail services.

Welsh trade marks rock

I am pleased to say that Wales is home to many impressive brands, and it’s no surprise that the land of Dylan Thomas has some great stories to tell, as all decent brands do.

However, as a trade mark attorney, it’s also good to see that these ambitious brands have protected their respective products and businesses by investing wisely in trade marks, one of the most cost-effective and enforceable rights that a business can secure.

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