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losing your trade mark

Did You Know Your Trade Mark Can Be Revoked?

Losing your trade mark is a real possibility if you’re not careful.  If you thought that once registered, you had it for life, think again. The cancellation, or revoking of your trade mark, can happen if you don’t use it within five years of its registration date, or its use has been suspended for a […]

January 23, 2020 Rachael
Vegan trade mark

The Importance of Your Vegan Trade Mark

How much thought have you given to your vegan trade mark? Your world is changing, challenging your ideas. But protecting your intellectual property must remain a top priority. Take a look at the vegan movement that’s gaining momentum at the moment. Not only is it encouraging you to learn more about nutrition and how you […]

January 10, 2020 Rachael
someone using your trade mark

What Should You Do If Someone Else Is Using Your Trade Mark?

Someone is using your trade mark.  How dare they?  You have spent a great deal of time, money, and energy building up your brand and protecting it, and now someone has come along to try and ride on your coattails. It’s time to take action before you miss the boat.  How to stop someone using […]

December 28, 2019 Rachael
small business intellectual property

Even Small Businesses Have Intellectual Property

Intellectual property and small businesses aren’t two phrases you normally see together. In fact, intellectual property security may not be something you’ve given a lot of thought to if you run a small business.  In fact, you may not even realise the intellectual property you have. The term covers things such as trade marks, patents, […]

December 12, 2019 Bill
register a trade mark

How Easy Is It to Register a Trade Mark?

If it were easy to register a trade mark, trade mark attorneys wouldn’t exist. Their very existence shows that a process that appears simple is fraught with pitfalls waiting to trap unsuspecting DIYers.  Before we go any further, let’s recap on what a trade mark is and why it’s important to get yours registered.  It […]

November 26, 2019 Rachael
DIY trade mark registration

Trade Mark Registration – DIY or Hire a Professional Trade Mark Attorney?

DIY trade mark registration is an attractive option for many small businesses.  After all, the internet is full of advice to help you, do you need to pay professional fees? All I would say to you, is would you do your own dental work? Would you handle your house purchase? Would you mend your car? […]

November 14, 2019 Rachael
Passing off

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Passing Off to Protect Your Brand

Passing off – should it be relied on? The simple answer to that is no. It’s a law that relates to unregistered trade marks and exists to prevent someone ‘passing off’ their products or services as being yours.  The word ‘law’ in that sentence probably makes you think, ‘that’s Ok then, it’s a law so it […]

October 29, 2019 Rachael
trade mark search

The Benefits of Professional Trade Mark Searches

Trade mark searches are vital so don’t treat them lightly.  Regardless of your entrepreneurial spirit, unerring faith in your abilities (even in areas where you have no formal training), and Scrooge-like attitude to professional fees, it is vital you employ a trade mark professional to undertake all aspects of your Intellectual Property protection.  By the […]

October 16, 2019 Rachael
trade mark advice beyond the M25

Trade Mark Advice Outside The M25

Does specialist trade mark advice exist outside the M25? That might sound like a strange question, but one that many people subconsciously wonder.  Greater London is a well-known business hub. Large companies and corporations flood there in their thousands vying for the postcode that gives them the most kudos. The problem is, with that postcode […]

September 26, 2019 Rachael
Trademark, trade mark, trade-mark

Which Is Correct – Trademark or Trade Mark?

Trademark, trade mark, or (to be confusing) trade-mark. All three variations are valid, so why so many? Why can’t there be just one correct way of writing it? That could be too simple. The English language is a complicated beast, especially when you consider the number of countries that use it. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising […]

September 17, 2019 Rachael