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We are Ward

As Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys, Ward is a company focused on providing you with specialist trade mark legal advice and unrivalled expertise.

At the helm are Rachael and Bill Ward. They began Ward Trade Marks in 2014 to give business owners a superior level of professional and friendly service in trade mark protection. In contrast to large firms where your work may get passed around between different people, your work is always taken care of by Rachael and her close knit team. Ward Trade Marks works both nationally and internationally to help clients select, register, and protect trade marks. They deal with trade mark portfolios of all sizes in a way that’s simple, efficient and cost-effective for you, the business owner.

Who do we serve? – it’s all about you

You are a successful but time poor business owner, CEO, or managing director. Whether you are just starting up, or your business is well established and you are taking it to the next stage of growth, you recognise that the time has come for certain critical tasks to be outsourced to a specialist professional.

A great deal of your time and your money has been invested into creating and building your brand and it bothers you that no registered trade mark protection is in place yet. The risks to remain unregistered are not worth taking. You just need a rainy day to get it done. Intellectually you may even feel that you are capable of doing the job yourself. You take pride in the fact that so much of your business was bootstrapped from the beginning. You and your co-founders did everything yourselves and spared the business a lot of cost. Trade mark protection was just never high enough up the list of priorities.

However, time won’t stand still and increasing success means that important new items get added to the to-do list at a faster rate than you and your co-founders can tick them off. Perhaps you are organising a funding round to further accelerate your growth. Either way that rainy day to take care of the important trade mark project will never come and savvy outside investors will insist that all of your intellectual property (patents, trade marks, designs and copyright) is properly protected.

If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place. Our team of experts is here to help guide you through the intellectual property maze to a successful outcome. We know how much blood, sweat and tears you have put into your business. We do the same for our own which means we will do the same for you.

Why it’s essential to hire an expert

We’re Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys

Membership of the CITMA identifies us as legal experts in the protection and exploitation of your trade marks. Bound by its robust code of conduct, we concentrate on continuous professional development to remain up-to-date with changing laws and practices.

Using our combined knowledge, we offer advice on what trade marks and designs you need to safeguard. We’ll also show you how you can achieve maximum protection. But more than that, we take a commercial perspective to ensure your Intellectual Property drives your business to success.

To learn more about how and why an experienced chartered trade mark attorney is essential to the effectiveness of your trade mark protection please click here.

We’ve got your back

Many businesses overlook the need to protect their trade mark. Often due to the perceived expense of the process or the incorrect belief that trade mark protection is just for larger companies.

Any business that trades needs to consider securing its brand seriously.

Granted, it can be a legal minefield and very confusing, which is why it’s vital you seek the services of a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney. Their advice will be invaluable when it comes to protecting your business interests.

Meet The Team

Rachael Ward

Co Founder / Chartered Trade Mark Attorney

Rachael is a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney with extensive experience in trade mark law, having started her career in 1994 in the trade mark department at Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy. Rachael qualified as a trade mark attorney with Clifford Chance in London and over the next decade managed the trade mark porfolios for many large brand owners. She’s worked as principal contact for Whitbread, Costa, Technicolor, Carlton Television, ONdigital, Fred Perry, Kangol and has extensive experience in the FMCG sector including Mars.

Rachael graduated from Edinburgh University with a masters degree (LLM) in Intellectual Property Law. She’s a Member of the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA), a Professional Representative before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EU IPO), and a Member of the European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA). She has contributed to the UK Trade Mark Handbook, has published several articles on the subject and is currently a committee member of the International Trademark Association (INTA). During her time at Clifford Chance LLP she was Director of the Trade Marks Group.

Her speciality is coming up with bespoke creative solutions that really work for clients, rather than force them into an off-the-shelf solution. It’s this way of working that builds a successful relationship and provides real value for the client.

Bill Ward

Co-Founder / Director Client Relationships

Bill graduated with distinction from Queen Mary University of London with a Postgraduate Certificate, Trade Mark Law and Practice.

Bill has spent much of his career in airline management, having been Flight Operations Director at GB Airways, then Senior Vice President of Flight Operations for Qatar Airways, where he was responsible for over 1,000 pilots and 70 aircraft across five fleets. He has brought this vast business knowledge and operations experience with him to Ward Trade Marks, as well as a keen appreciation of brand value and intellectual property. He’s a member of the Institute of Legal Finance and Management and a student member of the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys.

Away from work Bill likes to keep fit and healthy. A keen runner, he has completed the London Marathon and has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. He is a non-executive director of MENTA. Menta is an award-winning not-for-profit company providing business advice, training, networking and office space to both established and new businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk.

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