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As Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys, Ward is a company focused entirely on trade marks. While other practices dilute their offering by advising across several areas of law, we deliver specialist trade mark advice and unrivalled expertise.

At the helm are Rachael and Bill Ward. They began Ward Trade Marks in 2014 as a specialist trade mark attorney practice. Working both nationally and internationally to help clients select, register, and protect trade marks. They handle portfolios of all sizes in a way that’s simple, efficient and cost-effective.

Protect Your Brand

Your brand is your identity, your company’s most valuable asset. Without protection you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to competitors stealing your image, customers and reputation. A properly registered trade mark prevents this catastrophic damage to your business.

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Trade Marks

Your trade mark is your most valuable asset, which is why it’s imperative you register it as soon as possible.

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Just like any other form of Intellectual Property, ‘design’ is a commercially exploitable asset, so getting professional help is a must.

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Unlike trade marks, copyright is a ‘right’ that you acquire automatically once the piece of work is created.

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A patent is a legal right, approved by the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO), for a new invention.

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Rachael Ward

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Working with a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney ensures that your trade mark application is accurate and meets the interests of your business. It also means you can hand over all the hard work to a professional, leaving you free to focus on the running of your venture.

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